All of the same benefits of our other Thermal Mugs, but 40% of the sale will go towards WILDCOAST's conservation efforts!

Below are just a few ways that your purchasing will help save things you care about.

  • The fight against climate change. Every $1 donation will plant 1 mangrove sapling. Over the course of 25 years, 1 mangrove tree can offset the following:

-13,000 lbs of CO2

-15,000 miles driven by car

-1 single family's home electricity for one year

-752,00 smartphones charged

-You need 8 acres of forest to capture the same amount of CO2

  • Trash booms and marine debris reduction. WILDCOAST has ambitious goals to reduce 25% of the plastic from entering the river and ocean.

  • Funding a Ranger to patrol and protect our Wildlands in Baja California. Protecting this area will allow local fishing families to continue having access to their ocean resources and visitors can continue to enjoy the wildlife, wilderness, and waves that the region offers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
James Strickland

Greetings Minaret team! I received my original mug in a Nomadic box. I really liked it and used it almost daily for several months and one day I heard a rattling coming from the bottom as I was using it. I reached out to your team and made them aware of the issue so you could address the problem. The mug still works and I still use it all the time. The goal was not to get a free mug but to help you eliminate a possible problem for other customers in the future. Thank you for the replacement mug. It was not necessary! I will gift it to someone that will value and appreciate it. I will tell them of the great care and customer service you provided! All the best to the full team! Here's to your success in the future!

Donna Salonga
Wonderful thermal mug!

I enjoy my thermal mug 12oz. Perfect amount of liquid for me while on the go. I have used it once and cannot wait to use it more going into autumn and winter. The no spill lid is lovely when I am drinking in the car. Thank you, Minaret!

Teresa Kading
Great travel cup

Good size for cup holder. I like that is strong and sturdy but streamlined and easy to hold. Never spills. My husband got one for Christmas and he liked it so much, I got one for myself.

Amazing gift idea

Bought this for my bro-in-law and he absolutely loves it! The perfect gift for my coffee loving brother-in-law.

Kathleen Hamilton
Incredible mug

I don’t camp but I use my mug daily, every morning, to keep my coffee warm while I do my Bible study then walk my dog.

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