Our title sounds cheesy right? Well it's true! Let us explain. Minaret is a company that is inspired by being outside. As a company, we strive to have a positive impact on people. The essence of our company is about inspiring people to live a meaningful life that goes beyond their day to day routine. We believe one of the healthiest things for you and us both is to really experience the outdoors. So go. Jump in that lake, climb that mountain, surf that spot. Go because you will always look back and say “I am so happy I did that”.

What we do

As a company we know that there is value in abounding exploration, uninhibited travel, and being comfortable throughout your adventure from beginning to end. Which is why we make products that do not take up very much space in your bag. The current items that should make traveling more enjoyable are too big and heavy or just not aesthetically pleasing, so we decided to reinvent them. Minaret is a growing company that makes compact items for hiking, backpacking, surfing, camping and traveling. We know that you’ll want to stay tuned because this is just the start. We make small things for big places.


Our number one goal is to take care of the people that are on this planet. Having said that, we are deeply passionate about people— from the hands that create each of our products to the hands that they end up in. Each product is ethically sourced from fair wage manufacturers across the world. Our presence in retail promotes this lofty goal by providing you with comfort-- both in the products that we provide and in the knowledge that it is sustainably sourced and ethically made. Our products support our common interest in saving our planet. How does this happen? Well, purchasing one Glacier Bottle can save up to 2600 (not a typo) single use plastic bottles per year, one Thermal Mug can save an average of 730 disposable cups per year, and one Adventure Towel is designed to last you for years and be the only travel towel you need for the outdoors. We are proud to present you with products that make you feel at peace knowing you are helping to save our planet.

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