10 Ways to Get Outside This Memorial Day Weekend

Here is a list of 10 ways that you can enjoy your weekend because of the freedoms that we have here in the USA! 
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10 Scientific Outdoor Health Facts

Most people are well aware of the anecdotal healing power that being outdoors brings to our emotional, physical and even mental well-being. Our friends post photos of the sunset with captions that claim...
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Health Benefits of Jumping Into Icy Cold Lakes

There are few things more daunting than standing over a pool of snow melted water, bathing suit on, goose bumps forming, camping towel patiently waiting for your return.
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Our Response to COVID 19

We want to take action and we want to make an impact. We are going to donate 50% of our sales to a different organization of your choosing weekly starting on March 30th. You are the only way that this plan succeeds. Let's care together.
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If you live in or near San Diego, this is the perfect quick adventure for you. A trip to the dunes is the perfect way to get outside over the weekend without breaking the bank or spending too much time if you need to be back to work on Monday.

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