Have you ever been so excited to go sightseeing, to a national park, or to a new country, but when you got there you were accompanied by thousands of other people? If you are headed somewhere to experience the features that a place has to offer, you might find yourself trying to avoid the crowds at all costs… but how exactly do you plan for that?

Finding empty locations with friends


Weekends are a pretty obvious time to find yourself in a sea of other people. With most people off on the weekends, they are ready to get out and about with their friends and family. Because of this, week days are generally far less crowded, and sometimes you can even find better deals. If you're able to slip away during the week, you'll find your dream destinations are much less crowded!

Sunrise in San Diego


Oftentimes, when you set out to your destination at sunrise or earlier, you'll find peace and quiet. Not only will you get places all to yourself, but sunrise is one of the most beautiful times to experience most places. There is something extra rewarding about catching the sunrise, maybe it's because most people miss it, or maybe it's because getting up early is a challenge to overcome. Don't forget those mornings can be cold, so keep your head warm and your coffee hot with a warm beanie and insulated coffee tumbler.

Sunset in the fall at Big Sur


Seasonal travel exists in almost all parts of the world. With summer comes the heat, and with the heat comes people (most of the time). If you can pick a less mainstream season to go like spring or fall, you'll avoid not only the heat but most tourists as well. However, not every place has the same peak season, so make sure to get your research in before you go.


Holidays can draw some of the biggest crowds. Heading out the weekend before or after a holiday weekend can be a great alternative to spending a weekend in traffic and lines.

Snowshoeing in Crater Lake National Park


Most people choose the shorter option when it comes to visiting destinations. There is nothing wrong with that, but this article is about avoiding crowds. So, instead of stopping at the main attraction, keep going. In most cases, there is so much more to see than just one view, and you will avoid having to crop people out of your photos.

Cooking food in Yosemite in the winter


Bringing your own food and having everything prepared in advance can take a little bit more time in advance, but when faced with massive lines, you'll end up saving a lot of time, and money, in the long run.

Break between rain in New Zealand


Don't let a little rain and wind stop you. If you aren't too picky about the weather, you'll find yourself setting out on some amazing adventures when everyone else is headed back to the car. It is important to bring the correct gear when using this tactic. We recommend a high-quality rain jacket, rain pants, waterproof shoes, a waterproof bag, and a lightweight travel towel for after.


Research is key when it comes to avoiding crowds. There is almost always an amazing destination to explore that is less crowded and almost just as amazing as the one everyone usually goes to. Find these lesser-known places and trails and get out to explore them!


If you follow these 8 tips, you'll be able to enjoy the places you want with far fewer people to compete with over views, parking, and lines.  Keep in mind that avoiding crowds takes a little bit of extra effort, but it's almost always worth it. You may have to go further, you might have to get up earlier, and you might have to work a little harder, but when you find yourself gazing over the most beautiful mountain range that's glowing pink from the crisp sunrise, you'll think to yourself "I can't wait until next time".

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