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Best mug I’ve ever owned!

This mug is one of my most favorite pieces of travel/camping/hiking gear. I use it regularly at home and hauled it all the way to Europe to have it with me while walking six weeks on the Camino De Santiago. Well worth the investment! Still leak-proof even after dropping it and cracking the plastic bit on the top of the lid. 10/10 would definitely recommend!

Adventure Towel - Best Seller 3 Pack
Soft absorbent and packable

These towels are soft, absorbent and they don’t hold sand onto them. They pack up small and lightweight. Perfect for cars, camping, hiking or swimming. Super!!

Thermal Mug 12 oz
Erika Rebstock
The best

I got this mug originally in a outdoor subscription box and loved using it to take meds I have to take first thing in the morning and nothing after for 1 hour. I fix at night and have ice cold water in the am for meds. I also love traveling with it. Which brings me to a recent trip to Greece where I left it in the cab. It took 2 days of googling to track down what box I received it in and it’s brand name. Once I found it, I immediately ordered 2 more. So I never be without it again. I seriously love this mug that much.

Thermal mugs

I have bought seven of these thermal mugs. I have given them to several friends as a gift and they love them. The size as well as how it keeps beverages hot. I enjoy mine as well! Thank you.

Awesome Towel!

this towel packs nicely in my commuter bag and goes everywhere
love it!

Thermal Mug 12 oz
Elise Norris
Great for On-the-Go!

I HATE room temp or cold coffee/tea! This mug is my go-to if I’m slowly sipping or need a coffee/tea to-go. Keeps it so warm in an easy to handle mug. I got one in a subscription box and loved it so much I bought two more!

Adventure Towel - Topo 3 Pack
Scott Ferris
Topo towel review

Towel absorbed moisture well, dried quickly. Great size for storage.

Moose Long Sleeve T-Shirt
marguerite starkes

My husband really liked it

Love the big mouth

I was looking for a large mouthed bottle so I can put ice cubes in it. Great quality. Looking forward to many trips with my iced beverages.

Thermal Mug 12 oz
Gary E Gray
12 oz thermal mugs

Nice stainless steel lined mugs! Thanks

Thermal Mug 12 oz
Awesome mug

Best thermal mug I have used. Just wish it was a little larger. 12 oz is good, but it doesn’t hold my 14oz coffee. I like the deep well for sipping hot beverages and the lid stays sealed unlike some other mugs that I have purchased whereby I get an unsuspected coffee bath. I have been very happy with all my recent purchases from Minaret and will definitely look there first for my needs.

Thermal Mug 12 oz
Glenda Smathers

I haven’t given them out yet but can’t wait to see them at work got the boys

Adventure Towel - Topo 3 Pack
Antonia Pearce
These towels are unbelievable!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Wow! They dry me quickly and they dry quickly. Also, biggest perk is that they don’t take up as much space as a standard terry towel. I plan to by more in the future.

Adventure Towel
Ed Schlegel
Good lightweight towels.

They dry me after a shower or dip in the spa exceptionally well.

Thermal Mug 12 oz
Dwayne Grim

Great quality mugs...

Enamel Mug 12 oz
Erin Renninger
It's perfect!

It's perfect for car camping. I also take it when I'm winter hiking. I take a thermos of something hot to drink and can pour just what I need into the mug. I'm so glad I purchased it. I even bought one for my friend and hiking partner. She loves it!

Thermal Mug 12 oz
Lavios Phillip
Nice travel mugs!

Very well made and compact! These mugs keep coffee hot for a very long time!

Thermal Mug 12 oz
Gail Dotson
Nice and convenient

It just fits in your hand so well. Not to mention how handy for short trips.

Pretty Sweet

I got this water bottle right before I left for a trip. It holds just the right amount of water to take on a hike or to the beach. The loop on the lid is really useful to hang on a backpack. Overall, it's a great water bottle and it kept my drinks nice and cold.

Pretty Sweet

I got this water bottle right before I left for a trip. It holds just the right amount of water to take on a hike or to the beach. The loop on the lid is really useful to hang on a backpack. Overall, it's a great water bottle and it kept my drinks nice and cold.

Adventure Towel
Jessica Light
Tanning Blanket

I love this blanket because I don’t sweat on it when I use it as a tanning blanket. It’s light-weight too, which I like too.

Classic Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Nathan K Johnston
Comfort & Style

Minaret Mtn has provided me with 2 New Go To L/S T-Shirts for every outdoor occasion 👍🏼… Thank You Minaret Family 🙏🏻 Semper Fidelis.

Summit Beanie
Bridge Mei
comfy and fits great (not too tight, not too loose)

I have a Large (hat size) head and was looking for an all-round and sleeping beanie for cold weather camping. The Summit beanie is perfect. For more active hiking I usually wear a skull-cap style beanie that almost always fits tighter but is more streamlined, which is my preference when moving around the woods. This beanie serves as a looser fitting alternative that is perfect for just sitting around the campfire or sleeping.

Thermal Mug 12 oz
Donna Salonga
Wonderful thermal mug!

I enjoy my thermal mug 12oz. Perfect amount of liquid for me while on the go. I have used it once and cannot wait to use it more going into autumn and winter. The no spill lid is lovely when I am drinking in the car. Thank you, Minaret!

Adventure Towel
Channing L
Throw it in

Complete adventure towel! Love the topographic design and the size is perfect for adding it to all my adventure gear. Not bulky like a typical beach towel and bigger than most smaller alternative towels. This a staple to the gear.