Our Response to COVID 19

We aren't going to market to you anymore...

We felt a little weird continuing to market our brand like nothing was happening in the world. We don’t want to just say “we are still open during COVID 19”. Instead, we want to take action and we want to make an impact. 

As we thought more about how we can make an impact as a small business, we began to realize that most people like you genuinely want to help with the problems COVID 19 is causing. With this realization came a plan that allows both of us to make a massive impact on those who are being hit the hardest by the coronavirus.


What we can do

How are we going to contribute? We are going to donate 50% of our sales to a different organization of your choosing weekly starting on March 30th. To be perfectly transparent, we came up with this percentage based on our operating costs or our survival cost. We call it our survival cost, because this is literally the biggest percentage we can offer while continuing stay in business. 


You might be thinking to yourself, “How can this small company offer so much while so many other companies are closing down?”. We are able to do this because we are a start up with an extremely small staff who are also working other jobs to make Minaret Mtn succeed. 

What you can do

“How can I contribute?” You are the only way that this plan succeeds and there are three ways that you can help.

  1. By purchasing anything from minaretmtn.com.

  2. With businesses closing and people being laid off, we know that money can be tight right now. Does that mean you can’t help? OF COURSE NOT! You can help by telling a friend or sharing this mission on social media.

  3. Telling us an organization you think we should support for the week. You can tell us here.


Let's care together.

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