Health Benefits of Jumping Into Icy Cold Lakes

We might be crazy, but we love it...

There are few things more daunting than standing over a pool of snow melted water, bathing suit on, goose bumps forming, camping towel patiently waiting for your return. Aside from the pure adrenaline rush, there are several scientifically proven health benefits of jumping into ice cold water. 

Minaret Lake Jump

Immunity Boost

The sharp contrast of cold water against bare skin spikes the white blood cell count by forcing the body into a state of fight or flight. The main function of the white blood cell is to protect your body against disease and infection. So the more you submerge in ice water, the more you boost your immune system! 

Iceberg Lake

Stress Reducer

Cold water has also been linked to releasing endorphins in your brain, which not only has the power to change your mood for the short term, but it also reduces stress for the long term! Along with increasing endorphins, it also has been proven that cold water can actually decrease cortisol levels which is directly related to stress, anxiety and depression. 

Big Pine South Fork

Reduces Inflammation from Sore Muscles 

Last but certainly not least, ice water helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. We all know that putting ice on injuries helps, but how? The coldness constricts your blood vessels which reduces blood flow in that area. On a wider scale, by immersing your entire body into ice water, you are preemptively targeting any sore muscles from the long hike, climb, or trail run that you just completed.

Best Travel Towel


Next time you arrive at the final lake after that long hike or backpacking trip, jump in and don’t forget to pack your Adventure Towel because it is the best quick dry camping towel for your cold adventures!

Disclaimer: The content above is not professional medical advice and we are not doctors :)

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  • The very thought is chilling. I think if I bring some hot coffee or tea in your Thermal Mug and drink it right before… I could take the plunge. I’m going to do it!!! Thank you for posting all the health benifits. You guys are awesome!

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